We offer a broad, balanced, relevant and well matched curriculum to all children during the school year. However we recognise that parental/carer involvement is equally as important and we value the support you can give to your child.

At Trafalgar we do not insist on work being done at home but we encourage all parents/carers to read with their child on a daily basis. This could be the adult reading a story or the child reading aloud from either their school reading book or one of their own choice from home. To develop a child's love of reading will set them up for lifelong enthusiasm for learning.

From time to time each year group will encourage children to do some research at home on relative topics and themes. This is a valuable experience for the child to share their learning with parents and carers. For those children who sometimes need that extra encouragement to learn this is a chance to get ahead.

To support transition between year groups or schools and nurseries, your child may be asked to prepare or work on a project. In previous years children entering into Year 1 have made a shoebox of memories at home and shared this with their friends in their new classes.

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