School Ethos

Children are expected to be respectful and behave in a way that allows learning to flourish throughout the school. We recognise that the development of a positive approach towards behaviour that is conducive to learning is a partnership between home and school.  We encourage behaviour for learning by acknowledging it in many ways and the vast majority of children respond well to this approach. For example, children who have been spotted being helpful, considerate, hardworking, or especially kind are nominated for a Headteacher award at assembly on Fridays.  Please look impressed if your child tells you that he or she has received a Headteacher's award, a sticker, a certificate or a 'Wise Monkey'!

At the same time, we firmly believe that all forms of anti-social behaviour, including vandalism, bullying, disruption and racism, are not acceptable. Therefore should a disciplinary or behavioural problem arise, the school operates a Behaviour for Learning policy which enables us to deal with it. It may be that your child has to move their sad peg up, or that your child has to work during part of their play time, or that classroom privileges might be withdrawn. In more serious cases, the child might be sent to another member of staff or the Headteacher and if we feel it is necessary we may contact parents/carers to discuss the matter further.

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