Welcome to Trafalgar

I would like to offer you a warm welcome to Trafalgar Community Infant School. Trafalgar is a happy and caring school that offers young children varied and exciting learning experiences. We believe that young children learn from a stable and inclusive environment, where we can foster a desire for knowledge and a continuing interest in lifelong learning.

We are proud of our most recent Ofsted inspection which graded us as a 'good' school overall with some 'outstanding' elements. Here are some of their comments from the report: "Pupils' behaviour is exemplary ... pupils are proud of their school and they enjoy taking on responsibilities ... the school's work to keep the pupils safe and secure is outstanding ... good teaching means that pupils are making good progress over time ... teaching is good and some is outstanding ... classrooms are vibrant and motivating." All our children are valued individuals who are encouraged to be independent, develop self-esteem and self-respect and are inspired and motivated to do their very best. We have an experienced, caring and dedicated team of staff who are committed to ensuring that every child in our school receives the best possible start to their first few years of school life.

What makes Trafalgar a special place to learn and grow? Take a look at our Core Values, presented on our Trafalgar Ship at the bottom of this page. The children and adults work hard to ensure that our school community lives and breathes these values – they are what we are passionate about.

Keeping children safe is the most important part of our job in school. If children feel safe then they are happy and ready to learn. We encourage everyone (children and adults) to learn from mistakes and to take reasonable risks in order to develop. We know that the children feel safe, because we listen out for this each day. One child in Year 1 was overheard in the corridor telling their friend “No wait, it is not safe to go outside until there is an adult.” Safety is our biggest priority and was identified in our most recent Ofsted as being a real strength of the school.

We offer a broad, balanced and exciting curriculum. We know this because we hear children talking passionately about their learning. They are proud of their progress and their efforts. We listen out for laughter and for team work, and we carefully monitor that all children are being challenged to achieve their potential. We are a school where teachers love teaching and children love learning.  

We have a secure central garden area where our Reception children can learn through play on a daily basis, wind, rain or shine! This area enhances the learning that takes place in the classrooms, and allows more space to move and to learn by doing!

Our children in Year 2 take part in our own Forest School experience, where they develop their collaborative skills whilst learning about the wonderful world around them. Bug hunts, classifying plants, fire building, cooking on fire, making natural paint and weaving are just some of the activities that they enjoy in our Forest School.

We offer a range of curriculum enriching clubs before and after school. These include gardening, art, music, golf, dance, karate, lego, multi skills for sport, and food club.

Staff enjoy teaching at Trafalgar, and we work closely with other schools in our locality. Our locality is called the West Horsham Schools Network: learning, thinking, growing together. An example of the benefits of working collaboratively includes the enrichment activities that we are able to offer for some of our children across all of the schools in our locality.

As a community infant school, our children are offered responsibility from the very start. They can be on the Learning Council, striving to make learning even better. They can be elected as a School Council representative, trying to improve our premises and thinking globally about how we can make the world a better place. They can be an Eco Monitor, a Librarian, a Playground Pal or show an act of kindness to someone sat on the Friendship Bench. We think not only about our local community, but about our global community, recognising that we have much in common with people all around the world. I hope you find what you need from our website but please do not hesitate to call the School Office if you would like to know more about our school.

T. 01403 254925 F. 01403 242354 E. office@trafalgarinfant.com