Safeguarding is our most important job here at Trafalgar Community Infant School. It is on our Core Values ship ‘We Keep Safe’.


All of our staff are trained each year using the DfE’s Statutory Guidance for Schools and Colleges  ‘Keeping Children Safe in Education, September 2016’. This includes information related to PREVENT anti radicalisation, Child Sexual Exploitation, Female Genital Mutilation, Young Carers, Children Missing in Education, and online safety. We have two nominated governors who ensure that our school is doing all they can to keep children as safe as possible – Mrs Sanders and Mr Vose.  


If staff have a concern about a child in our school we refer immediately to the ‘Safeguarding guide’ which is shown below. We also refer to the West Sussex Continuum of Needs diagram which is also attached for your information. As you can see, we can offer Early Help support too when issues or concerns first surface, so please don’t hesitate to speak to us. We are here to help.


Our key Safeguarding policies are available for you to view in our ‘About Us’ and then ‘Policies’ section of our website e.g. Child Protection and Safeguarding.


You play an important part in helping to keep children safe. If you have any concerns about a child that you know in our school then please speak to Miss Green (our Designated Safeguarding Lead), Mrs Amos, Ms Bowles or Mrs Edgal (our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads). If you are going through a difficult period in your own family, and you feel that this might impact on your child, then please see your child’s class teacher, or speak to one of the Designated Safeguarding Leads.


For online safety, please see the ‘Online Safety’ section in the ‘Parents/Carers’ area of our school website. We also have an online safety information sheet for ‘Parents/Carers’ in ‘Useful Forms and Information’.

In light of the recent allegations involving sports coaches in the media, The West Sussex Safeguarding Children Board and the NSPCC Child Protection Sports Unit have issued some guidance for 'Keeping children safe in sport' on their website (see links).

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