The majority of children who attend Trafalgar Community Infant School come from the north western part of Horsham i.e.;
  • the south by Guildford Road, Bishopric and West Street
  • the east by North Street as far as the railway station
  • the north east by the line of the railway
Prospective parents/carers should obtain an application form from West Sussex County Council, Pupil Admissions Office (see contact information below) and a copy of the 'Starting School (North) Information for Parents' booklet prior to applying for a place at Trafalgar.

Filling in the form does not guarantee admission to the chosen school, even if you live in the immediate vicinity. However, it would be rare for an application to the catchment school to be refused, and would only happen if the result of the admission were to create a Reception class of over 30 infants.

Agreeing the places in this situation would not be done on a first come, first served basis, but priority would be given in accordance with the following criteria -

  1. to children with special educational needs or disability, or medical needs, or who have relevant extraordinary family circumstances accepted by the LA (Local Authority)
  2. to children with brothers or sisters in the school at the time of their admission
  3. other children who live in the locality
  4. those children who live out of the immediate area and are willing to travel to our school
Admission to this school is co-ordinated by a team based in Horsham. Applications should be made in writing or by telephone to -

Pupil Admissions Office
County Hall North
Chart Way
West Sussex
RH12 1XA
Telephone - 0333 014 2903

T. 01403 254925 F. 01403 242354 E.